About EAO

EAO was founded in 1947 in the spirit of pioneers striving to turn to turn their innovative ideas into world famous products. EAO's first illuminated pushbuttons; a cornerstone of the companys future, combined design excellence and engineering expertise that set the standard for the entire industry.EAO has built on this reputation and flourished to become one of the world's leading businesses in the field of Human Machine Interface.

EAO providing solutions across five continents and headquartered in Switzerland with factories in France, Germany & Switzerland.

Our Services

Stringent regulations within the public
transportation industry requires a special
range of Human Machine Interface components
Machinery and Automation
A machine may have to operate continuously
24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A switch which fails can result in downtime - a big cost factor
Security Access
EAO offers hard wearing keypads that are
sealed to P67 and resistant to IK10 for mounting in
front or behind panels, plus a wide choice