Lifting and Moving


EAO developed the world's first illuminated pushbutton in 1958. It became a cornerstone of the company's future and quickly set the standard for an entire industry. Since then, EAO has developed into a world-leading expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). Through experience and innovation, it now designs, manufactures and distributes one of the broadest ranges of high-reliability HMI components.

These strengths have led it to the forefront of HMI system design. Many of the world's top industrial companies now benefit from EAO's skill, knowledge and experience of HMI technology in the development of tailor-made operator controls for their products. EAO's range of rugged, dependable products and its HMI competencies are especially well-suited to the tough, dynamic requirements of the lifting and moving industries.Full-featured pendant controls, wireless remotes, LCD and touchscreen displays as well as pushbuttons can be designed for any type of lifting and moving application, whether a construction crane, heavy-duty vehicle, forklift or hydraulic platform.EAO customers receive expert advice from product specialists who have a clear understanding of the industry's requirements. EAO examines technical considerations, benchmark technologies, operating environments, ergonomics and commercial specifications. The operating equipment is carefully aligned to task, to enable users and technologies to work in complete harmony. This results in higher-quality, more functional and easier to use human machine interfaces.

EAO's products are used on almost every type of lifting and moving equipment including

  • Construction cranes
  • Vehicle-mounted cranes
  • Heavy-duty vehicles (excavators, dump trucks, cement mixers)
  • Scissor lifts, aerial lifts, and boom trucks
  • Support vehicles (airport/roadside)
  • Hydraulic platforms, trailers and trailer mounted forklifts
  • Gantry cranes (freight)
  • Warehouse overhead cranes
  • Forklifts and small lifting vehicles