Multi-Tone Sound Module

Multi-Tone Sound Module (MTSM).This is a versatile device which can be programmed to emit a clear warning sound adapted to a particular operating environment.
Depending on the version of sound module, either three or five different tone sequences can be played in any sequence at different volumes, durations and intervals to create a unique sound

Mounting Style Flush, Raised
Front Protection IP 40, IP 69K
Mounting Cut-Out 43 mm, 62.5 mm>
Terminal Cable
Front Dimension 87x87mm, 43mm, 87mm
Operating Voltage 16…63 V DC, 24 V DC, 50…143 V DC
Lens Colour Black
Lens Shape Flat, Raised
Lens Material Plastic>
Lens Optics Opaque
Front Bezel Colour Black, blue, darkgrey, green, lightgrey, mattchrome, orange, red, yellow
Front Bezel Material Metal, Plastic