Emergency Stop Switches

EAO Emergency Stop switches are foolproof to EN 60947-5-5 and protected up to IP65. EAO emergency stop switches are available with slow-make switching elements and twist- or key- release options.

Mounting Style Raised
Front Protection IP 65
Switching Voltage 240 V AC, 250 V AC, 500 V AC
Switching Current 1.5 A, 10 A, 5 A, 6 A
Mounting Cut-Out 16 mm, 22.5 mm
Terminal Double plug 6.3x0.8mm, Flat Ribbon cable, Plug 2.8x0.5mm, Plug 6.3x0.8mm, Push in Terminal, Screw, Solder 2.8x0.5 mm
Front Dimension 27 mm, 29 mm, 32 mm, 37 mm
Operating Voltage 5…30 V DC
Operating Current 9.7…12.4 mA
Lens Colour Red
Lens Shape Mushroom
Lens Material Plastic>
Lens Optics Opaque
Contact 1 NC, 1 NC+1NO, 1 NO, 2 NC, 2 NO
Contact Material Gold, Palladium, Silver
Switching Action Ma
Switching System Slow-make