Transportation Series 22

22mm x 30mm     IP65     10A     400VAC

The Series 22 is a high quality switch range that includes pushbuttons, indicators, mushroom headed switches and key switches.

  • IP65 Protection
  • Switch Rating, 10A, 400VAC
  • Self cleaning snap-action switching elements.
  • Mounting into 22 x 30mm cut out
  • Illumination using T13/4 Lamps or LED’s
  • The standard lenses are available in many different versions, transparent, opaque or translucent
  • Screw terminal or plug-in connections


Indicator body raised, rectangular, black plastic

Part No.
Illuminated pushbutton

Illuminated pushbutton actuator, raised, rectangular, black plastic, screw terminals

Part No. Momentary/Maintained Contact type
22-211.011 Momentary 1NO
22-212.011 Momentary 1NC
22-213.011 Momentary 2NO
22-214.011 Momentary 2NC
22-215.011 Momentary 1NO/1NC
22-221.011 Maintained 1NO
22-222.011 Maintained 1NC
22-223.011 Maintained 2NO
22-224.011 Maintained 2NC
22-225.011 Maintained 1NO/1NC