Telecommunications Series 95

12.1mm    15.2mm    18.4mm    IP40    50mA    48VDC

The Series 95 is a high quality switch range containing illuminated and non-illuminated pushbuttons.

Options include self cleaning and momentary contact elements.

  • IP40 Protection
  • Switch Rating, 50mA, 48VDC
  • Suitable for mounting on PCB’s with thickness of 1.5 to 2.5mm
  • Switch held during the soldering process by the spring clip contacts
  • Illumination using SMD LED’s with PLCC housing (height 2.1mm) and a radiation angle of approx. 120°
  • Lenses available matt translucent or clear transparent in flat, concave or convex
  • Available sizes are: 12.1mm, 15.2mm and 18.4mm square

Illuminated pushbutton
Diffuser, 12.1mm x 12.1mm
Colour Part No.
  Red 95-803.220
  Yellow 95-803.420
  Orange 95-803.320
  Green 95-803.520
  Blue 95-803.620
  White 95-803.920
Diffuser, 15.2mm x 15.2mm
Colour Part No.
  Red 95-805.220
  Yellow 95-805.420
  Orange 95-805.320
  Green 95-805.520
  Blue 95-805.620
  White 95-805.920